Security Testing

Browser Security Test
License: Free Online Last Reviewed: 2010-08-09
“Careful! The test will try to crash your browser! Close all other browser windows before starting and bookmark this page. If your browser crashes during the test, restart it and return to this page. It will show which vulnerability crashed your browser and offer you to continue the test or view the results. The test requires persistent cookies to be enabled. The cookie is used to restore your session after browser crash.”
Anchor Link BrowserSpy
License: Free Online Last Reviewed: 2010-08-09
“BrowserSpy is a collection of online tests that shows you what a website like mine, can collect of information about you. BrowserSpy can tell you all kinds of detailed information about you and your browser. Stuff like version of your browser. What kind of things it supports and what it doesn’t support. Furthermore it can provide you detailed information about JavaScript, JVM, Java, Plug-ins, Components, Language, Screen, Hardware, IP, Cookies, Web Server, FTP Password etc….
“Why should you care? Basically if BrowserSpy can show the info, a remote site including mine, is able to get the data. This means that websites that you just surfed by are able to gather a whole lot of info about you, your browser and your setup.”
Anchor Link Email Security Testing
License: Free Online Last Reviewed: 2010-08-09
“Test the security of your email system! Is your email system secure against email viruses and attacks? Sign up to test for these real world threats by entering your name and email address below. You will receive an email asking you to confirm your request by clicking on a URL, after which we will perform a vulnerability check of your email system. You will receive the results by email.”
[ Note that this company also sells a product named: ‘GFI MailSecurity for Exchange/SMTP’, which may, or may not, slant their testing results; Ed. ]
Anchor Link Java Tester
License: Free Online Last Reviewed: 2010-08-09
“This web site addresses four Java issues:
1. Is your web browser Java enabled?
2. If so, what version of Java is it using?
3. How to install and upgrade Java
4. Configuring the Java options in your browser”
Anchor Link Mail Relay Testing
License: Free after registration Last Reviewed: 2010-08-09
“We offer an experimental mail relay testing service. It runs in two modes:
1. Anonymous mode sends commands to the server to be tested but doesn’t actually send any mail. This can report false positives, hosts that appear to be open relays but actually aren’t because they reject or discard a message after appearing to accept it.
2. Registered user mode attempts to relay a message through the server to be tested. You must be a registered user, and the relayed message will be addressed to you. If you’re testing a server that accepts mail for your e-mail address, can generate a temporary alias in the domain that will be forwarded to you.”
Anchor Link myNetWatchman Tester
License: Free Online Last Reviewed: 2010-08-09
As you arrive at this page . . . “One of two things should have just happened:
¤ No Message appeared. That’s Good! That means you either have the Windows Messenger service disabled or you have a firewall or router which is properly preventing remote users from accessing it.
¤ A WinPopUP message like this appeared: [see on-screen graphic] That’s bad. That means your system seems to have the Windows Messenger service enabled and it is accessible by anyone on the Internet.”
Anchor Link Nmap Online
License: Free Online Last Reviewed: 2010-08-09
“The ‘Service’ uses Nmap scanner to perform the scan. It was designed to rapidly scan large networks, althought it works fine with single hosts. We suggest you to read Nmap’s documentation, especially Nmap Reference Guide. You can also be interested in some examples of Nmap’s usage. All questions related to Nmap scanner should be sent to the author of the Nmap scanner, not to the Service Provider.
♦ You can scan IP addresses in C class subnet of your IP.
♦ There can be only one active (running) scan from one IP.
♦ Maximum 8 scan requests from one IP per 24 hours.
♦ Maximum 40 scan reqests from one IP per 7 days.
♦ Scan timeout is 120 min.
♦ Options of Custom Scan can have up to 240 characters.
♦ Browser must support cookies, JavaScript support is recommended.”
Anchor Link PC Flank
License: Free Online Last Reviewed: 2010-08-09
Many online free tests are available, including: Leak Test, Quick Test, Advanced Port Scanner, Stealth Test, Browser Test, Trojans Test, and Exploits Test. Visit the site to obtain test details, as well as other useful security-related information.
Anchor Link Security and Privacy Tests
Information Only Last Reviewed: 2009-05-27
Links to: Test Pages; Ad Filter Test Pages; Email Tests; Browser Privacy Tests; Active Content Tests; SSL Checks; Networking Tests.
Anchor Link Shields UP!!
License: Free Online Last Reviewed: 2010-08-09
“Without your knowledge or explicit permission, the Windows networking technology which connects your computer to the Internet may be offering some or all of your computer’s data to the entire world at this very moment! Shields UP! quickly checks the SECURITY of YOUR computer’s connection to the Internet.
√ For orientation and background, please examine the page links provided below for important information about Internet vulnerabilities, precautions and solutions.
√ First time users should start by checking their Windows File Sharing and Common Ports vulnerabilities with the ‘File Sharing’ and ‘Common Ports’ buttons below.
√ For orientation and information about the Port Authority system, click the Home or Help icons in the titlebar . . . ”