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Comparison of e-mail clients
Information Only Last Reviewed: 2010-05-10
Last Modified: 2010-04-27
“The following tables compare general and technical information between a number of e-mail client programs. Please see the individual products articles (if they have one) for further information. This article is not all-inclusive or necessarily up-to-date.”
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Information Only Last Reviewed: 2011-01-25
“Welcome to the best email resource on the Web! You’ll find reviews of hundreds of free email services, and coverage of other free resources from web hosting to free internet access. There are also for-fee email service reviews, free email tips and info on finding email addresses… plus a whole lot more!”
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Information Only Last Reviewed: 2011-01-16
“If you give Web sites and new contacts a disposable email address instead of your real one, you can selectively disable a disposable address as soon as you get spam through it, but continue using all other aliases. Disposable email address services provide this basic functionality, but some have other neat features that make life with email less spam and more fun.”
Anchor Link Email sender location tracer
License: Free Online Last Reviewed: 2013-03-29
“Find the origin of emails, detect the city and country IP location of the sender. This tool locates the sender of an email address (Who sent it or Where did the email come from). Just enter the sender address of the email you’ve received into the box below and press submit.
“Report Includes: Name, Age, Location, Phone, Criminal History, Property Ownership.”
Anchor Link FreePOPs
License: GNU GPL – Open Source Last Reviewed: 2011-01-16
Version: 0.2.9 – Released: 2008-12-27 Windows: 9x, Me, NT, 2000, XP
File Size: 1.2 MB
“FreePOPs is an easily extensible, multi-platform (Windows, Linux, Mac), open-source program, which allows to have an access to the most varied resources through the POP3 protocol. Mainly, it can be used to download mail from the most famous webmails, but it could also be used as an aggregator for RSS feeds and many more. This way it is possible to get all your messages in your favourite email client.
“Supported webmails and resources include:
¤ Gmail
¤ Hotmail (and company: msn,, etc…)
¤ Yahoo (com, ca, it)
¤ Lycos (for many countries)
¤ AOL (for many countries)
¤ Squirrelmail
¤ RSS Aggregator
¤ and others”
Anchor Link Gmail Notifier
License: Freeware Last Reviewed: 2013-01-31
Version: – Released: 2011-04-08 Windows: XP, 2003, Vista, 7
File Size: 2.6 MB
“Tired of checking your Gmail? Have more than one account? Gmail Notifier is the perfect solution for you – and its free! Gmail Notifier alerts you when you have new email messages in your mailbox. Also, you can read email headers, delete emails or mark them as read. Use Gmail Notifier to check up to 5 Gmail accounts.”
Anchor Link Gmail Peeper
License: Freeware Last Reviewed: 11-01-16
Version: 1.4 – Released: 2011-01-16 Windows: XP, Vista, 7
File Size: 587 KB
“Gmail Peeper is a free desktop Gmail notifier program which provides an attractive and simple way to check for new e-mail messages without opening your browser. It is using Gmail secured RSS feed to retrieve the new mails from Gmail server. Gmail Peeper is silently running in system tray and has very light system resource usage. You can specify time interval for checking new emails, and enable/disable option to start it with Windows logon.”
Anchor Link GmailUsers
Information Only Last Reviewed: 2011-01-16
“A hub of information for Gmail users around the world including articles, news, FAQs, forums, tutorials, Web sites, and more.”
Anchor Link Google Buzz
Information Only Last Reviewed: 2010-02-10
“It is a social networking service to share updates, photos, videos and more with contacts. If you think Twitter, MySpace or Facebook then you got the general idea what Google Buzz is about. Gmail users who have already been invited to the service by Google will see a notification the next time they log into Gmail. If they chose to use Google Buzz they are redirected to a Gmail website that looks still pretty much like Gmail but comes with a few changes. The left sidebar has been extended as it now contains a Buzz link which leads to the Google Buzz page in Gmail.
“The Buzz page contains buzz posted by the owner of the account and by the followed users. This resembles Twitter. Google will automatically pick a few contacts that will be followed automatically and will post Google Reader shared items, Picasa Web public albums, and Google Chat status messages automatically on that page. It is furthermore possible to connect additional sites to the Buzz account. This includes websites that have been added to webmaster tools, additional Google services like Youtube or Blogger as well as Twitter and Flickr. All those services and websites can be added so that updates are posted automatically in Google Buzz.”
Anchor Link Iconix eMail ID
License: Freeware Last Reviewed: 2012-03-22
Version: – Released: 2012-03-20 Windows: All
File Size: 6.43 MB
“Iconix eMail ID is a client application that verifies the sender of an incoming email, and guarantees that the mail is actually coming from the company that it claims. The service only works with companies that have registered with Iconix, which currently includes more than 300 companies such as eBay, PayPal, Citibank,, Expedia, and many others. Whenever an email arrives from one of the known senders, it is authenticated, and an icon displayed next to the message that indicates the validity of the mail.
“Once Iconix is installed on your computer, it will automatically verify email messages whenever you use any of the supported services, there is no interface or additional configuration required. If are concerned about phishing scams involving major companies, give this software a try.
“Iconix eMail ID supports IE and Firefox and works with Gmail, Yahoo, MSN and Hotmail accounts as well as Outlook Express.”
Anchor Link Inbox
License: Freeware – Donations appreciated Last Reviewed: 2008-09-10
Version: 1.42 – Released: 2006-05-27 Windows: 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, 2003
File Size: 536 KB
“Inbox is a powerful multi-function tool for managing your POP3 email before it reaches your email client application. It can fetch your email from multiple email accounts, collate mail from several accounts into a single account, perform point and shoot filtering directly on the mail server as well as on collected mail, filter your various email accounts before your normal email program connects, act as a proxy fetching mail only when your normal email program requires it or act as a filter proxy filtering your email accounts before your email client collects mail. There are tools to peek at mail directly on the mail server and in your Outlook message store, auto respond to email while you’re away, redirect mail to one or more addresses, attach many accounts to a single email address, set up a simple mailing list.”
Anchor Link Mail PassView
License: Freeware Last Reviewed: 2013-03-28
Version: 1.80 – Released: 2013-03-28 Windows: 98 and up to Windows 7
File Size: 65 KB Portable
“Mail PassView is a small password-recovery tool that reveals the passwords and other account details for the following email clients:
• Outlook Express
• Microsoft Outlook 2000 (POP3 and SMTP Accounts only)
• Microsoft Outlook 2002/2003/2007/2010 (POP3, IMAP, HTTP and SMTP Accounts)
• Windows Mail
• Windows Live Mail
• IncrediMail
• Eudora
• Mozilla Thunderbird (If the password is not encrypted with master password)
• Group Mail Free
• Yahoo! Mail – If the password is saved in Yahoo! Messenger application.
• Hotmail/MSN mail – If the password is saved in MSN/Windows/Live Messenger application.
• Gmail – If the password is saved by Gmail Notifier application, Google Desktop, or by Google Talk.
“For each email account, the following fields are displayed: Account Name, Application, Email, Server, Server Type (POP3/IMAP/SMTP), User Name, and the Password.”
Anchor Link MailStore Home
License: Freeware Last Reviewed: 2013-05-04
Version: 8.0.3 – Released: 2013-05-03 Windows: XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8
File Size: 5.5 MB Portable version available on-site
“A Central Archive for all Emails.
Over the years, emails can become scattered among different computers, programs and mailboxes. With MailStore Home you can bring order into this chaos by creating a single central archive for all emails. MailStore Home supports the following:
¤ Internet mailboxes such as Gmail or Yahoo Mail
¤ Any mailboxes using POP3 or IMAP
¤ Microsoft Outlook 2000, XP, 2003, 2007, 2010
¤ Microsoft Outlook Express and Windows Mail
¤ Microsoft Exchange Server and Hosted Exchange
¤ Mozilla Thunderbird and SeaMonkey
¤ .EML and other email files
“You read your mail from within the interface, search fast through all your messages by keyword and advanced criteria, and even burn a Backup CD with the click of a button or export messages to .eml format. Messages are stored MIME-compatible, and can be recovered at any time without information loss.”
Anchor Link POP Peeper
License: Freeware Last Reviewed: 2012-02-20
Version: – Released: 2011-11-16 Windows: All
File Size: 1.1 MB Both 32- and 64-bit compatible
“POP Peeper is an email notifier that runs in your Windows task bar and alerts you when you have new email on your POP3, IMAP (with IDLE support), Hotmail\MSN\LiveMail, Yahoo,, MyWay, Excite,, RediffMail, Juno and NetZero accounts. IMAP supports allows you to access AOL, AIM, Netscape and other services. Send mail directly from POP Peeper and use the address book to email your frequently used contacts. POP Peeper allows you to view messages using HTML or you can choose to safely view all messages in rich or plain text. Several options are available that will decrease or eliminate the risks of reading your email (viruses, javascript, webbugs, etc). POP Peeper can be run from a portable device and can be password protected. Many notification options are availble to indicate when new mail has arrived, such as sound alerts (configurable for each account), flashing scroll lock, skinnable popup notifier, customized screensaver and more.”
Anchor Link PopTray
License: GNU GPL – Open Source Last Reviewed: 2012-02-20
Version: 3.2.0 – Released: 2006-09-16 Windows: 9x, Me, NT, 2000, XP
File Size: 982 KB
“PopTray can check an unlimited number of POP3 accounts with a different check interval / notification sound /mail program for each account (optional). It lists the messages in a ListView where you can quickly preview a message and Print/Reply/Delete from there. Deleting unwanted messages from the server is also possible. Rules (with wildcards) that identify a message according to your criteria, then does one of these actions: Play different notification sound; Delete from the server; Ignore (don’t notify); Important (Balloon Pop-Up); Run any EXE file. System wide hot-keys for most functions. Sample Notification Sounds. Complete Install / Uninstall.”
Anchor Link The Bat! File Converter
License: Shareware – $14.95 Last Reviewed: 2010-01-05
Version: 6.09 – Released: 2010-01-05 Windows: 9x, Me, NT, XP, 2000, 2003, Vista
“ABC Amber The Bat! Converter is a powerful and useful tool that helps you keep your important emails, newsletters, newsgroups mails organized in a single file. It converts your emails from The Bat! program’s bases to any document format (CHM, PDF, HTML, RTF, TXT Ansi, TXT Unicode, DOC, MCW, WPS, SAM, RFT, WS4, WS7, WRI, etc.) easily and quickly. All you have to do is select required messages, choose document format to convert and click ‘Save As’ button. This software also supports more than 50 languages.”
Anchor Link Windows Mail Converter
License: Shareware – $19.95 Last Reviewed: 2009-04-12
Version: 1.07 – Released: 2009-04-12 Windows: 9x, Me, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista
“ABC Amber Windows Mail Converter is intended to help you keep your important mails, newsletters, newsgroups mails organized in one file (as hypertext system). It is a very useful tool which converts your emails from MS Windows Mail to any document format (CHM, PDF, HTML, RTF, HLP, TXT Ansi, TXT Unicode, DOC, etc.) easily and quickly.
“All you have to do is select required messages, choose document format to convert and click Save As button. Currently our software supports more than 50 languages.”