Mail Clients

Anchor Link Becky!
License: Shareware Last Reviewed: 2013-05-04
Version: 2.65.01 – Released: 2013-05-02 Windows: All
File Size: 3.75 MB
“Becky! Internet Mail is the software specifically designed for the Internet e-mail. Since its birth in 1996, we kept improving its functionalities listening to the users’ feedback. And it has become one of the most successful shareware e-mail products. Features: You can create multiple mailboxes, of course. Moreover, you can create multiple ‘profiles’ for each mailbox. New protocols are supported — IMAP4rev1 for e-mail and LDAP for the address book. Fast! You can manage thousands of e-mail at your fingertip. You can write HTML e-mail with Becky!. If you have Microsoft Internet Explorer ver5 or higher installed, Becky! is a complete HTML enabled e-mail client. Flexible template capability.”
Anchor Link Eudora Email Light
License: Free Last Reviewed: 2009-10-10
Version: – Released: 2006-10-11 Windows: 2000, XP
File Size: 16.6 MB
“The best email program just got even better. Email traffic is on the rise. Eudora is the best email program for people who get lots of email. If you’re not one of those people now, you will be soon. So, take control of your email before it takes control of you. Eudora is more than a way to send and receive messages – it’s a powerful email management tool with features to increase your productivity and enhance your communications.
“After downloading and running the Eudora installer, you can choose the Eudora that’s best for you:
¤ Paid mode: No longer available for purchase.
¤ Sponsored mode: Only available in the versions above. Older versions revert to Light mode
¤ Light mode: Is free, has a reduced feature set, no ads, and no person-to-person technical support.”
Anchor Link Free Mail Clients List
Information Only Last Reviewed: 2009-07-13
“List of freely available Mail clients”
Anchor Link Gmail Stanley’s Pick
License: Free Online Last Reviewed: 2009-07-14
“Gmail is a new kind of webmail, built on the idea that email can be more intuitive, efficient, and useful. And maybe even fun. After all, Gmail has:
¤ Less spam — Keep unwanted messages out of your inbox with Google’s innovative technology
¤ Mobile access — Read Gmail on your mobile phone by pointing your phone’s
¤ Lots of space — Over 6539.269463 megabytes (and counting) of free storage so you’ll never need to delete another message.”
Anchor Link Guerrilla Mail
License: Free Online Last Reviewed: 2011-05-13
“Don’t want to give them your real email? Use a temporary email. No registration, lasts 60 mins.”
Anchor Link PocoMail
License: Shareware Last Reviewed: 2009-10-10
Version: 4.8.4400 – Released: 2009-04-06 Windows: NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7
File Size: 4.6 MB
“PocoMail ia a powerful e-mail program that does not compromise your privacy or security, as PocoMail is not vulnerable to e-mail viruses. Streamlined interface never gets in your way, with many unique features that allow you to take control of your mailbox, whether you get one or 100 messages per day. Some of the features include: unique Show-Only bar, Quick Filters, built-in high-level scripting language PocoScript for advanced message processing, message templates, built-in mailing list support, view mail on server before download, HTML support, multiple accounts, multiple address books, multiple signatures, optional skins to change the application appearance, nested mailboxes, fully multi-threaded operation, display attachments inline without launching external viewer, automatic backup of your mail and program data, and many more. PocoMail focuses on making e-mail work for you. A very nice and complete e-mail program.”
Anchor Link SAFe-mail
License: Free Online Last Reviewed: 2009-07-13
“Safe-mail is the most secure, easy to use communication system. It includes encrypted mail system with collaboration features and document storage functions. Always accessible at any time from anywhere!
“3 Mb space is free. More space and functionality is supplied under Premium Packages. There are no advertisements, downloads or cookies. Safe-mail supports most hardware platforms and any operating system. Includes file storage, spam filters and anti virus protection. Full compatibility with most browsers, email clients and all relevant protocols including POP, SMTP, IMAP, S/MIME and PKI.”
Anchor Link The Bat! Home Edition
License: Shareware Last Reviewed: 2013-02-12
Version: 5.3.8 – Released: 2013-02-11 Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8
File Size: 6.9 MB
“The Bat! is an e-mail application that features support for multiple POP accounts, true multithreading, MIME and UUencode standards, message notification, PGP support, APOP authorization, message sorting, message templates, minimization to the system tray, and multimedia support.”
Anchor Link Thunderbirdupdate
License: Freeware Last Reviewed: 2013-05-15
Version: 17.0.6 – Released: 2013-05-14 Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8
File Size: 18.9 MB Portable version available
“Thunderbird is a full-featured email, RSS and newsgroup client that makes emailing safer, faster and easier than ever before with the industry’s best implementations of features such as intelligent spam filters, built-in RSS reader, quick search, and much more.
[ A portable version is available here:
( Portable Thunderbird )
; Ed. ]
Anchor Link Windows Live Mail
License: Freeware Last Reviewed: 2012-10-04
Version: 16.4.3505 – Released: 2012-10-04 Windows: XP, Vista, 2008, 7
File Size: 215 MB Requires: IE 6 or later
“A faster, easier, and safer way to manage your e-mail accounts. If you have ever used Outlook Express, you will be glad to see that Windows Live Mail offers similar features, plus some great new ones like free access to Windows Live Hotmail and integration with other Windows Live services. Windows Live Mail is an e-mail program that you install on your PC. It connects to popular e-mail services such as Hotmail, Yahoo!, AOL, Gmail, or your ISP e-mail service and allows you to send and receive mail. Messages are stored on your PC, allowing you to access, read, and compose e-mail messages even when you’re not connected to the Internet.”
[ Caution: This download will offer to install any of the Windows Live tools including Mail, Photo Gallery, Messenger, Family Safety, Live Writer, Movie Maker and Live Mesh. Ed. ]
Anchor Link Yahoo Mail
License: Free Online – Plus $19.99 Last Reviewed: 2008-09-10
Requires: Yahoo! ID
“Get a free Yahoo! Mail account – it’s a breeze to stay connected and manage your busy life.
¤ 1GB of email storage
¤ Keep more of what’s important to you
¤ Powerful spam protection
¤ Read only the mail you really want
¤ Get your mail anywhere
¤ All you need is a web connection
“Mail Plus offers tougher virus and spam protection, a virtually unlimited 2GB of storage, no graphical ads, and more for only $19.99/year.”