Task Scheduling

Active Task Manager
License: Shareware – $15.00 Last Reviewed: 2012-08-17
Version: 1.7 – Released: 2007-12-19 Windows: 9x, Nt4, Me, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista
File Size: 1.4 MB
“The Active Task Manager is an automation software that runs automatically tasks of the following types: Starting programs (exe, com, bat-files); Output of text and sound messages; Shutting down/Restarting computer. The ATM helps you to organize your frequent tasks. You can set a very flexible schedule for them. Just tell the ATM what you want to do and when you want it to be done! All the configured tasks are also accessible for the manual launch from the tray icon menu.”
Anchor Link AutoTask 2000
License: Shareware Last Reviewed: 2012-08-17
Version: 3.77 – Released: 2009-03-02 Windows: 9x, Me, NT4, 2000, XP, 2003
File Size: 5 MB
“AutoTask 2000 is a task scheduler for Windows. This scheduler has enough power and flexibility to meet all your automation needs. On Windows 95, 98, ME, AutoTask runs as a background process. This keeps the scheduling engine out of the way of your normal routines. On Windows NT, 2000, XP, AutoTask runs as a service. This allows you to run most tasks without the need of being logged in. With it’s intuitive and simple to use interface creating tasks is extremely easy. In addition, no programming experience is required.”
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License: Shareware Last Reviewed: 2012-08-17
Version: 3.23 – Released: 2007-01-29 Windows: 9x, ME, NT40, 2000, XP
File Size: 582 KB
“LaunchPad for Windows is a powerful scheduler for running a variety of different types of tasks automatically and for displaying pre-scheduled messages. LaunchPad is available for both 16-bit and 32-bit systems. LaunchPad is packed with enriched features that will allow you to take care of all your routine computing task. The following is just a sample of the features available.
¤ Flexible Scheduling Options: LaunchPad allows you to chose from several scheduling option. There is practically no scheduling frequency that cannot be achieved.
¤ Conditional Scheduling: LaunchPad allows you to launch events based on conditions as well as schedule.
¤ Numerous Event Actions: LaunchPad provides several built-in commands which can be performed such as Run a Program, Run DOS Commands, Send DDE commands, Send keys.
¤ LaunchPad Lock Option: The lock option is intended to prevent Lock LaunchPad users from activating the menu items and the event scheduler.
¤ Wildcards Support: Wildcards enable the use of the ‘File Exists’ and ‘File Doesn’t Exist’ conditions.”
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License: Shareware Last Reviewed: 2012-08-17
Version: 1.91.1083 – Released: 2008-12-12 Windows: 9x, Me, NT, 2000, XP
File Size: 879 KB
“nnCron is an advanced and very powerful scheduler, scripting tool and automation manager. nnCron is very small in size (760k), but its capabilities are truly colossal. Besides possessing the traditional scheduler features (starting programs, displaying reminder messages and opening documents at specified time), nnCron also can:
¤ be started as a system service or as a regular standalone application.
¤ understand cron table format (Unix) and is managed with easy-to-edit text crontab files that are fully compatible with Unix crontabs.
¤ set and use environment variables.
¤ run applications authorized as currently logged user (WinNT/2000/XP).
¤ be extended with plugins written in Forth language.
¤ be easy tuned up to answer your current needs.
¤ is not resource demanding, and it can run even on very older PCs without any noticeable performance degradation.
“and much more.”
Anchor Link System Schedulerupdate
License: Freeware Last Reviewed: 2013-05-11
Version: 4.21 – Released: 2013-05-11 Windows: 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7
File Size: 1.9 MB Both 32- and 64-bit compatible
“System Scheduler (previously known as ‘Windows Scheduler’) is an excellent tool to schedule unattended running of applications, batch files, scripts and much more. For anyone used to using MSTask, AT or WinAT, System Scheduler is an ideal and easy to use replacement, with more flexibility and features. Also, you can schedule popup reminders so you’ll never forget those important appointments and things to do. Reminders, tasks and other events can be set to run once or every minute, hour, day, week, month or year and several variations on these.
“System Scheduler not only allows you to launch programs at scheduled times but also to send keypresses to those programs. This allows you to not only schedule programs to run overnight or at the weekend but also get those programs to do useful things. System Scheduler also has a ‘Window Watcher’ feature. The program will check for the existence of a particular window and send keypresses or send the window a ‘close signal’ to terminate running applications. Useful for triggering actions when ‘error messages’ appear while you are away.”
Anchor Link VisualCron
License: Shareware Last Reviewed: 2013-04-09
Version: 6.2.2 – Released: 2013-04-08 Windows: XP, 2003, 2008, Vista, 7, 8
File Size: 43.3 MB Both 32- and 64-bit compatible
“VisualCron is Windows-based program that is based on the Unix/Linux version of cron. The interface of VisualCron is very easy to use. It allows scheduling of task with more flexibility than the Windows Task Scheduler (between days, between months, on specific minutes of the hour etc.) and runs as a Windows service, so the tasks will be executed even if you are not logged on.”
Anchor Link WinScheduler
License: Free and Shareware versions Last Reviewed: 2013-04-23
Version: 7.6.1 – Released: 2013-04-23 Windows: 2003, XP, Vista, 2008, 7
File Size: 16.7 MB Both 32- and 64-bit compatible
“WinScheduler allows you to schedule variety of different tasks to run on defined time or a specific event. You can define your tasks to run every minute, hour, day, week, or month or just once. Specific events you can use to start a task include: particular window is opened / activated / deactivated / closed, file is created / deleted / changed / bigger than / smaller than, directory is created/deleted, idle time or on Windows shutdown. As for the tasks, you can just start an executable file (with parameters) to have a task done or you can write variety of different tasks using build-in strong macro language. The macro language covers file management functions, clipboard management functions, FTP, system functions (empty recycle bin, shutdown, etc.), windows functions, date and time manipulation, keyboard and mouse events playback and more.”
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License: Shareware – $39.50 Last Reviewed: 2012-08-17
Version: – Released: 2009-07-19 Windows: NT4, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista
File Size: 12 MB
“xStarter is a computer task automating utility with options to record/playback macros, synchronize folders, run Windows applications, compress (archive data), copy files and folders, download files, send e-mails, display pop-up messages, and launch and terminate NT services. Importantly, these tasks can be scheduled to be run on a set time, after some pre-defined time or periodically. Also they can be started after some system event occuring. For example, after files or folders modification notification or NT event log writing. Special features of the Program:
¤ extended scheduler
¤ execution of tasks on system events
¤ set of action patterns for many operations
¤ running as NT service
¤ quick action’s start at tray menu
¤ multilingual interface”