Network Tools

License: Freeware Last Reviewed: 2009-05-19
Version: 1.05 – Released: 2009-05-18 Windows: 2000, XP, 2003, Vista
File Size: 38 KB Portable
“AdapterWatch displays useful information about your network adapters: IP addresses, Hardware address, WINS servers, DNS servers, MTU value, Number of bytes received or sent, The current transfer speed, and more. In addition, it displays general TCP/IP/UDP/ICMP statistics for your local computer.
“AdapterWatch doesn’t require any installation process or additional DLLs. Just copy the executable (awatch.exe) to any folder you like, and run it. The main window of AdapterWatch displays the current configuration and information about your network adapters.”
Anchor Link Axence NetTools
License: Freeware Last Reviewed: 2013-04-09
Version: – Released: 2013-04-08 Windows: All
File Size: 28.4 MB
“Network diagnostics and host monitoring. NetTools is a comprehensive set of host monitoring, network scanning, security and administration tools, all with a highly intuitive user interface. Includes:
Network scanner
Service and port scanner
TCP/IP workshop
NetCheck Ping
Fast Traceroute
Local info
Bandwidth measuring
Anchor Link DrTCP
License: Freeware Last Reviewed: 2008-09-17
Version: 2.1 – Released: 2002-03-21 Windows: 9x, ME, 2000, XP
File Size: 24 KB Portable
Shows your TCP/IP network connection information, and provides a shortcut (GUI interface) into the Registry. And it allows you to modify your settings. Says it’s for broadband, but will work for dial-up too….
Anchor Link Fiddler
License: Freeware Last Reviewed: 2011-04-14
Version: – Released: 2011-04-12 Windows: 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7
File Size: 620 KB Requires: .NET Framework 2.0 or later
“Fiddler is a HTTP(S) traffic between your computer and the Internet. Fiddler allows you to inspect all HTTP(S) traffic, set breakpoints, and fiddle with incoming or outgoing data. Fiddler includes a powerful event-based scripting subsystem, and can be extended using any .NET language.
“Fiddler is freeware and can debug traffic from virtually any application, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and thousands more.”
Anchor Link FTP Probe
License: Freeware – Donations appreciated Last Reviewed: 2008-09-17
Version: 2.1 – Released: 2007-03-21
File Size: 39 KB
“Creates a fully indexed html output of all the files available for download from an FTP server. The program can be use to scan a range of IP addresses and list any FTP servers that are found. The colours used in the html output are totally customizable to match your website design. Very good for making maps of your own network so you can incorporate them in your website.”
Anchor Link IPConfig
License: Freeware Last Reviewed: 2013-02-05
Version: 6.5.4 – Released: 2013-02-03 Windows: All
File Size: 374 KB
“IPConfig is a simple tool to centralize all your network information, local and remote. Features:
• Internal & external IP addresses
• MAC address
• DNS server IP address
• Subnet mask
• Gateway IP address
• Hostname
• Current network speed
• Network adapter name
• DNS suffix
• DNS enable
• DNS dynamically configured
• Auto updating
Anchor Link LAN Monitor
License: Freeware – Source is available Last Reviewed: 2009-12-21
Version: 1.4.4 – Released: 2009-12-21 Windows: 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7
File Size: 969 KB Both 32- and 64-bit compatible
“Karen’s LAN Monitor starts by displaying important information about every network adapter on your computer. These details include the adapter’s speed, IP address(es), DHCP Lease information, and more. Next, the program shows all current connections between your computer and others on the local network, and on the Internet. You’ll see the name and IP address of the remote computer, and the type of connection (HTTP, POP3, FTP, etc) that’s being made!
“The LAN Monitor also displays real-time traffic statistics, including bytes sent and received, transmission errors, and network connection load factors.”
Anchor Link NetLimiter
License: Pro, Lite and Freeware Last Reviewed: 2012-02-21
Version: – Released: 2011-03-23 Windows: 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7
File Size: 4.9 MB Both 32- and 64-bit versions
“NetLimiter is an ultimate internet traffic control and monitoring tool designed for Windows. You can use NetLimiter to set download/upload transfer rate limits for applications or even single connection and monitor their internet traffic. Along with this unique feature, Netlimiter offers comprehensive set of internet statistical tools. It includes real-time traffic measurement and long-term per-application internet traffic statistics.
“There are 3 NetLimiter editions available, Pro ($29.95), Lite ($19.95) and freeware Monitor.”
Anchor Link Netstat Viewer
License: Freeware Last Reviewed: 2008-09-17
Version: 1.0 – Released: 2002-09-29
File Size: 277 KB Portable
“Netstat Viewer is a handy GUI replacement for the command line application netstat. No installation required! Simply unzip NetstatViewer.exe to any directory and run it.”
Anchor Link Network Monitor II
License: Freeware Last Reviewed: 2013-05-08
Version: 17.7 – Released: 2013-05-07 Windows: Vista, 7
File Size: 1.1 MB Both 32- and 64-bit compatible
“Network Monitor II is a small but useful windows Gadget which shows important and interesting information about your Wired or Wireless Network and Internet connections.
“The Network Monitor II (wired and wireless) will show you SSID, signal quality, Internal IP address, External IP address with your country flag when you are connected to the internet, network utilization, upload speed, download speed and total (both current session and global) of usage. It does not require any 3rd party applications. Resizable! Save settings to file. (File will be created – Path: %APPDATA% File: gadgetname_Settings.ini). Two modes. Color changeable for all gadget’s elements, include background.”
Anchor Link Nmap
License: GNU GPL – Open Source Last Reviewed: 2012-12-01
Version: 6.25 – Released: 2012-11-30 Windows: NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7
File Size: 25.3 MB Requires: WinPcap 4.0.2 or later
“Nmap (Network Mapper) is an open source utility for network exploration or security auditing. It was designed to rapidly scan large networks, although it works fine against single hosts. Nmap uses raw IP packets in novel ways to determine what hosts are available on the network, what services (ports) they are offering, what operating system (and OS version) they are running, what type of packet filters/firewalls are in use, and dozens of other characteristics. Nmap runs on most types of computers, and both console and graphical versions are available. Nmap is free software, available with full source code under the terms of the GNU GPL.”
Anchor Link OpenVPN
License: GNU GPL – Open Source Last Reviewed: 2013-01-08
Version: 2.3.0 – Released: 2013-01-08 Windows: 2000, XP, Vista
File Size: 1.56 MB Both 32- and 64-bit versions
“OpenVPN is an easy-to-use, robust, and highly configurable VPN (Virtual Private Network) daemon which can be used to securely link two or more private networks using an encrypted tunnel over the internet. With OpenVPN, you can: tunnel any IP subnetwork or virtual ethernet adapter over a single UDP or TCP port; create cross-platform tunnels between any of the operating systems supported by OpenVPN including Linux, Solaris, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Mac OS X, or Windows 2000/XP; …” and more.
Anchor Link Ping Monitor
License: Freeware Last Reviewed: 2011-05-09
Version: 2.6 – Released: 2011-05-08 Windows: Vista, 2008, 7
File Size: 59 KB
“Ping Monitor is a simple gadget that was designed in order to provide you with a simple means of pinging a server and viewing the ping results in real-time. Up to 5 servers. Save settings to file. (File will be created – Path: %APPDATA% Filename: gadgetname_Settings.ini). Color changeable for all gadget’s elements, include background.”
Anchor Link Ping Plotter Standard
License: Shareware Last Reviewed: 2012-06-06
Version: 3.40.2s – Released: 2012-06-05 Windows: All
File Size: 3.6 MB Both 32- and 64-bit compatible
“Ping Plotter is a network troubleshooting and diagnostic tool. It uses a combination of trace route, ping, and whois to collect data quickly – and then allows you to continue to collect data over time to give you the information you really need to identify problems (both short-term and long-term trends). Ping Plotter is unique in its ability to collect data (over a period of hours, days or weeks), and then allow you to focus on particular aspects of that data to determine where the problem is happening. Of course, once you’ve found the problem you need to communicate that problem to someone that can help – and Ping Plotter graphically shows problems in a way that is compelling – and can really shorten the time it takes to convince your network service provider or ISP that a problem really exists.
“The 1.x version of Ping Plotter is still available as freeware. This version doesn’t have a lot of the features of the shareware version (click here to see feature comparison), but it’s free! Contrary to what we previously said (that 1.00.2 was the last release of the freeware version), we released a new version of this on September 19th, 2001, version 1.10! See the release notes.”
Anchor Link PuTTY
License: Freeware – Open Source Last Reviewed: 2012-02-21
Version: 0.62 – Released: 2011-12-10 Windows: 9x, Me, NT, 2000, XP
File Size: 1.8 MB
“PuTTY is a free implementation of Telnet and SSH for Win32 platforms, along with an xterm terminal emulator. It is written and maintained primarily by Simon Tatham. LEGAL WARNING: Use of PuTTY, PSCP, PSFTP and Plink is illegal in countries where encryption is outlawed. I believe it is legal to use PuTTY, PSCP, PSFTP and Plink in England and many other countries, but I am not a lawyer and so if in doubt you should seek legal advice before downloading it. Use of the Telnet-only binary (PuTTYtel) is unrestricted by any cryptography laws.”
Anchor Link RealVNC
License: Free for Private Use Last Reviewed: 2013-04-23
Version: 5.0.5 – Released: 2013-04-23 Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8
File Size: 6.9 MB Both 32- and 64-bit compatible
“RealVNC, the inventor of VNC remote access technology, allows you to connect to and control your devices wherever you are in the world, whenever you need to. VNC technology can be used at work, in the home, on the road, or integrated into a product or service.
“Our flagship product, VNC, establishes connections between computers, irrespective of operating system. Our Android and iOS apps connect devices to VNC-enabled computers. For developers, RealVNC is the only organization able to offer a commercial license to embed VNC technology into mobile and other devices.” realr
Anchor Link ShareWatch
License: Freeware Last Reviewed: 2012-03-11
Version: 1.0 – Released: 2001-11-13 Windows: All
File Size: 32.5 KB
“ShareWatch allows you to see who is connected to a computer and what files they are accessing. Have you ever wondered why your hard drive or modem is active, but you aren’t doing anything to cause it to be active? It is possible a remote user is accessing your computer. Have you ever had a file locked but you don’t know why? ShareWatch can tell you if a network user is using the file and allows you to disconnect them so that you can edit/delete the file. Have you ever wanted to shutdown a computer, but don’t want to drop people using the computer. ShareWatch will show you all resources in use by remote users.”
Anchor Link Shed
License: Freeware Last Reviewed: 2008-09-17
Version: 1.01 – Released: 2000-02-13 Windows: NT, 2000
File Size: 11 KB
“Shed is a very fast Windows shared resource scanner. Multiple potential hosts are scanned in parallel and when a shared resource is encountered it is enumerated in a separate thread for maximum efficiency. This program is designed to run on a PC running Windows NT/2000. Although it will run on a Windows 9x machine it will be limited to detecting and connecting to shares on the local network (i.e. the Network Neighborhood). Shed will not detect shares on the Internet when run on a Windows 9x machine. Clicking the Options button will allow you to configure the type of shared resources that will be displayed when a scan is run. You should also select the most appropriate network connection from the System Configuration drop-down list so that Shed will configure itself for the best performance.”
Anchor Link Snort
License: GNU GPL – Open Source Last Reviewed: 2013-04-25
Version: – Released: 2013-04-24
File Size: 2.64 MB
“Snort is an open source network intrusion prevention and detection system utilizing a rule-driven language, which combines the benefits of signature, protocol and anomaly based inspection methods. With millions of downloads to date, Snort is the most widely deployed intrusion detection and prevention technology worldwide and has become the de facto standard for the industry.”
Anchor Link TCPView
License: Freeware Last Reviewed: 2012-02-21
Version: 3.05 – Released: 2011-07-25 Windows: XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7
File Size: 285 KB
“TCPView is a Windows program that will show you detailed listings of all TCP and UDP endpoints on your system, including the local and remote addresses and state of TCP connections. On Windows Server 2008, Vista, and XP, TCPView also reports the name of the process that owns the endpoint. TCPView provides a more informative and conveniently presented subset of the Netstat program that ships with Windows. The TCPView download includes Tcpvcon, a command-line version with the same functionality.”
Anchor Link The Dude
License: Freeware Last Reviewed: 2009-07-19
Version: 3.4 – Released: 2009-04-29 Windows: 2000, XP, 2003
File Size: 3.5 MB
“The Dude network monitor is a new application by MikroTik which can dramatically improve the way you manage your network enviroment. It will automatically scan all devices within specified subnets, draw and layout a map of your networks, monitor services of your devices and alert you in case some service has problems.
“Runs in Linux Wine enviroment, MacOS Darwine, and Windows.”
Anchor Link TightVNC
License: GNU GPL – Open Source Last Reviewed: 2013-04-27
Version: 2.7.1 – Released: 2013-04-26 Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8
File Size: 1.6 MB Portable version available on-site
Both 32- and 64-bit compatible
“TightVNC is a free remote control software package. With TightVNC, you can see the desktop of a remote machine and control it with your local mouse and keyboard, just like you would do it sitting in the front of that computer. TightVNC is:
• free for both personal and commercial usage, with full source code available,
• useful in administration, tech support, education, and for many other purposes,
• cross-platform, available for Windows and Unix, with Java client included,
• compatible with standard VNC software, conforming to RFB protocol specifications.
“With TightVNC, you can:
• cut your expenses and save your time on traveling,
• help your friends and family to solve problems with their computers remotely,
• make sure nothing wrong is happening on your computers when you are away.”
Anchor Link UltraVNC
License: Free for ALL usage Last Reviewed: 2013-05-02
Version: – Released: 2013-05-02 Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8
File Size: 3.3 MB Both 32- and 64-bit versions
“UltraVNC is an easy to use computer program that can display a screen of another computer (via internet or network) on your screen. The program allows you to use your mouse and keyboard to control the other PC remotely. It means that you can work on a remote computer, as if you were sitting in front of it, right from your current location.
“UltraVNC key features include FileTransfer, Video Driver, Encryption Plugins, high performances, JavaViewer, MS Logon, mouse and keyboard emulation, good Security and Text Chat communication.”
Anchor Link Virtual Router
License: Freeware Last Reviewed: 2013-02-11
Version: 1.0 – Released: 2013-02-11 Windows: 2008, 7, 8
File Size: 1.31 MB
“Virtual Router is a free, open source software based router for PCs running Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2. Using Virtual Router, users can wirelessly share any internet connection (Wifi, LAN, Cable Modem, Dial-up, Cellular, etc.) with any Wifi device (Laptop, Smart Phone, iPod Touch, iPhone, Android Phone, Zune, Netbook, wireless printer, etc.). These devices connect to Virtual Router just like any other access point, and the connection is completely secured using WPA2 (the most secure wireless encryption.)
“Unlike similar applications, Virtual Router is not only completely Free, but will not annoy you with any advertisements. Also, since Virtual Router is not ad-supported, it does not track your web traffic the way other ad-supported applications do/can.”
Anchor Link VStat
License: Freeware – Donations appreciated Last Reviewed: 2009-07-19
Version: 1.00 – Released: 2006-12-09 Windows: 98, Me, 2000, XP
File Size: 19 KB
“VStat is a small GUI tool that produces similar output to the traditional command line tool netstat. In addition to showing the various states of network activity on your computer it shows the associated application name and process ID. VStat allows you to close any existing established TCP connection and will give you the ability to terminate the owning application associated with any entry, provided you have the relevant permissions to do so.
“Please note that the ability to show the associated application name and process ID is only available on Windows 2000 with all current service packs and hot fixes installed and on Windows XP. When run on other Windows versions you will not see any information in the Process Name or PID columns.”
Anchor Link WirelessNetView
License: Freeware Last Reviewed: 2013-05-08
Version: 1.50 – Released: 2013-05-07 Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 2008
File Size: 51 KB Portable
“WirelessNetView is a small utility that runs in the background, and monitor the activity of wireless networks around you. For each detected network, it displays the following information: SSID, Last Signal Quality, Average Signal Quality, Detection Counter, Authentication Algorithm, Cipher Algorithm, MAC Address, RSSI, Channel Frequency, Channel Number, and more.”
Anchor Link WotWeb
License: Freeware Last Reviewed: 2012-05-30
Version: 1.08 – Released: 2004-04-24 Windows: 9x, Me, NT, 2000, XP
File Size: 23 KB
“WotWeb is a cut-down port scanner specifically made to scan for and display active web servers and shows the server software running on them. IP lists can be entered manually or by reading from a file. Scanning is fast and accurate and the acquired list of servers can be saved to a comma separated text file for importing into your favorite spreadsheet application for further analysis.
“WotWeb was written to aid system administrators who manage large networks and need to keep track of all their web servers and the type of server software that is running on them – a time consuming and laborious task, often achieved by writing complex custom scripts coupled with command line scanning tools.