HTML Tools

License: Freeware Last Reviewed: 2013-02-26
Version: 4.871 – Released: 2013-02-26 Windows: NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8
File Size: 612 KB Portable version available on-site
“dirhtml creates index.html files from a directory list using the GUI or command line, optionally including HTML code of your own design at any point in the generated file. With dirhtml, your index.html files can be unique and arbitrarily complex.”
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License: Freeware Last Reviewed: 2012-09-15
Version: 3.70 – Released: 2012-09-15 Windows: All
File Size: 4.6 MB
“Fresh HTML is a tool to create and edit pages for the world wide web. Its ‘WYSIWYG’ (what you see is what you get) interface makes editing HTML pages as easy as using your favorite word processor. Its built-in editor allows advanced users to fine-tune HTML codes to fit their needs. This software is 100% free, no spyware, and updated regularly.”
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Information Only Last Reviewed: 2010-07-06
“HTML Goodies is a site dedicated to offering help with any topic area that goes to building a Web site. To that end, there are tutorials covering everything from basic HTML all the way up to fully-functioning PERL CGI scripts. HTML Goodies posts three new pieces twice a month. This includes a new tutorial and the opinion pieces from the two previous weeks. The newest posts appear at the top of the homepage. The New Page is an archive of the newest pieces posted to the site by week. Of course, the hierarchy and master list pages are always updated right along with the homepage. Archives of each of the design and opinion pieces are available from the homepage. The most popular elements on the site are the Primers. Notice they are listed first on the left in the navigation bar. The HTML Primers are the most popular of the primers. If you’re brand new to the concepts of the Web, start with the HTML primers. They assume you know nothing and get you up and running.”
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License: Shareware Last Reviewed: 2013-03-21
Version: 10.7.3 – Released: 2013-03-19 Windows: 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7
File Size: 2.3 MB
“Let’s assume that you have either used a genuine HTML Editor to generate your code, for example FrontPage, Dreamweaver or GoLive, or that you have produced the code manually in a text editor and tidied it up to your best knowledge. In both cases you have easy to read, nicely indented code that you are about to put online.
“But wait! Consider all the superfluous white space, tabs, carriage returns, line feeds and comment lines, not only in your HTML code but also in your javascript, lassoscript, php, asp, jsp or css code. Stripping out all these elements would save many bytes and consequently decrease load time for your customers … and save you money because of the decreased bandwidth! We have the applications to do this for you, from basic to pro, to suit your requirements and budget.”
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License: Shareware – $19.95 Last Reviewed: 2010-07-06
Version: 1.5 – Released: 2006-05-04 Windows: All
File Size: 470 KB Requires: IE 5 or greater
“If you’re frustrated that a website has unselectable text or if you need to view some HTML that’s been encrypted then this application is a must. HTML Text Extractor is the simplest and easiest way to view and save the HTML and Text from any webpage.”
Anchor Link HTML Validator Liteupdate
License: Freeware Last Reviewed: 2013-05-13
Version: 12.0110 – Released: 2013-05-11 Windows: XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8
File Size: 6.16 MB
“CSE HTML Validator Lite – FREE HTML Editor and Syntax Checker. Clean up your site with CSE Lite! CSE HTML Validator Lite is a FREE HTML editor and basic HTML syntax checker for Microsoft Windows. It even includes a free spell checker, displays no banner ads, and doesn’t install ‘spyware’!
“If you are a professional or serious HTML developer, then you should download CSE HTML Validator Professional instead. The lite edition is designed for casual HTML authors and is only designed to find most major and some minor problems. Furthermore, it does not include accessibility checking, CSS syntax checking, link checking, the Batch Wizard, or the integrated web browser.”
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License: Freeware Last Reviewed: 2010-07-06
Version: 1.6 – Released: 2005-01-15 Windows: 9x, Me, NT, 2000, XP, Vista
File Size: 233 KB
“Learn the basics of HTML coding. Simple, user friendly interface and clear, step by step instructions make learning HTML a breeze. There are 14 lessons to help develop and hone your HTML coding skills. Perfect for Internet newbies who want to learn HTML fast and effortlessly.”
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License: Freeware Last Reviewed: 2009-11-13
Version: 1.30 – Released: 2000-10-26 Windows: All
File Size: 240 KB
“Freeware Text to HTML converter. Features:
Θ Entirely FREE software!
Θ Converts text files into HTML files
Θ Command line capability
Θ Handles http, ftp, gopher, telnet, wais, nntp and mailto tags
Θ Options to change default HTML attribute colours
Θ Limited file management: in-app. drag/drop, delete, launch”